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Established client services

  • 3 Month Care Package

    Every month
    For established clients to book 30 minute continuing care
    • 6 sessions to be booked over 3 months, billed monthly.
  • Vital Inner Circle

    Every month
    Membership for clients committed to vital living.
    • Access to weekly drop in consultations (15min per member).
    • Connection to members only vital support circles.
    • Discover members only health and wellness content.

Continuing Care…

After you have completed your first two appointments, you will become an established client by first signing up for the 3 month Care Package (above). Then, you can book your 30 minute sessions (below) 


  • continue and evaluate the results, make any changes necessary to integrate the new health and vitality you are experiencing.

  • connect you with applicable resources and community circles in the Vital Living Network.

  • discuss how you can have access to me during drop-in "office hours". on a weekly basis for private one-on-one matters,  and access to private small group learning opportunities.

Once you tap into your vital force and build a powerful relationship with your own inner healer, you CAN claim your path to a long and vital life.

When your package of continuing care sessions is complete, I encourage you to join the Vital Inner Circle which will allow you to connect with me for ongoing care at a reduced rate.